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China accelerates its state-run cryptocurrency efforts to stop Libra
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Get to know the winners of this competition, plus some of the highlights! At Binance, we support developers who constantly come up with solutions for improving the blockchain ecosystem, most recently through the just-concluded Binance SAFU Hackathon.

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Held in Singapore during the Binance Blockchain Week, more than developers were tasked to BUIDL an open platform that protects crypto users btc kapcsolódó legfrissebb hírek scams, hacks, and money laundering schemes.

The winning team -- Merkle Blox, composed of Mriganka Pattnaik, Nirmal AK, and Aleksey Studnev, presented a pitch for a smart-contract-based insurance system for users who experienced attacks.

True to our BUIDL philosophy of constantly developing and innovating, we start our event with a hour, round-the-clock hackathon featuring some of the best blockchain engineers in the world. Hence, developers from around the world were called to build a safer community where users are protected from scams, hackers, and money laundering.

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Before the main hackathon, we held pre-hackathons in San Francisco on December 11,and in Seoul, Singapore, and Hong Kong on January After a briefing session, the developers formed teams and planned their solutions to the designated challenge. The developers were challenged to build a platform for users to quickly check whether a public address is safe.

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This platform should also incentivize contributors to report public addresses that are deemed hacked or malicious. The teams then met with 10 blockchain thought leaders,——our mentors for the competition——to refine their ideas.

The main hackathon commenced immediately afterward. On Day Two, teams spent their mornings refining their pitches for the solutions they came up with.

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  • China accelerates its state-run cryptocurrency efforts to stop Libra
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After sessions for pitch tips, tech runs, and mock pitches, the teams presented their top 20 cryptocurrency exchange to a panel of seven judges, all recognizable names in the blockchain industry. Some of the noteworthy ideas the SAFU Hackathon finalist teams presented include the use of deep graph analytics from Top 20 cryptocurrency exchange Crypto Lynxavalanche consensus on a custom ledger from Team Perlinan e-commerce platform for a database of user reputation by Team Sharkand a crypto scoring platform by Team Phenom.

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And while a lot of their ideas are exceptional in their own right, the winning team, Merkle Blox, proposed a smart contract-based insurance to users who are attacked by hackers, ponzi schemes, or phishing scams. Special Thanks to All Hackathon Participants!

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We give recognition to: Team.

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