Crypto trader fake. „Read this! It’s crazy!” How the machine of crypto investment fraudsters works

Contact us: info direkt Our reporter was pushed hard to make incredibly profitable online investments. The calls started after we had found a website where Budapest Mayor Gergely Karácsony had shared his secret of crypto trader fake rich. The news about the Mayor is of course, fake, as is the investment platform linked to it, where we registered. This is also part of a series of scams that Direkt36 wrote about in the spring as a member of an international journalistic collaboration involving reporters from more than 15 countries.

Scammers deceived hundreds of people worldwide, including Hungarians, and deprived them of their savings. Now the same team of journalists, led by the Swedish Dagens Nyheter and the investigative network OCCRPhas uncovered how these scammers scout their victims. After the articles in spring, a source shared 15, online ads with Dagens Nyheter that promised fantastic profits to their victims, citing well-known people.

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Although the advertisements shared by the source were not in Hungarian, Direkt36 found several very similar Hungarian sites online, as well as people who fell victims of scams through such ads. As we dig more and more into bitcoin kereskedési osztály world of fake news ads, we encountered more and more such pages ourselves.

The stories of similar scams frequently elicit reactions that blame the victims, saying anyone who is so gullible deserves to lose their money. But the whole problem is more complicated than the tragedy of deceived people: Scams reached such merits that the Hungarian police gave priority to investigating the cases of the victims Fraudsters not only deceive their victims, but also unscrupulously use the names and faces of well-known people such as Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán, Gergely Karácsony or model Barbara Palvin And for all this, they use the advertising platforms of Google and Facebook, constantly improving crypto trader fake methods which makes them impossible to tackle.

While tech firms say they fight crypto trader fake ads, they also make a lot of money running them. Help us tell the truth in Hungary, become a supporter!

To better understand how these scams work, we not only talked to more victims, but also registered on one of the fake news sites, advertising a non-existent crypto investment platform. We spoke to a cyber security expert investigating similar scams, a cybercrime investigator of the Hungarian police, and a source crypto trader fake used to be involved in running a fake investment platform.

Reporters of the collaboration also approached Google and Facebook to confront the two companies about the severe consequences of ads running on their sites. Simple cheating with a sophisticated method The picture above shows how a typical scam ad looks like. We found it being redirected from a torrent page in the early stages of writing crypto trader fake article.

Similar advertisements started appearing on the Hungarian internet around the beginning of this year. This particular ad mimics the website of a Hungarian tabloid called Blikk.

The image below seems to show an article of the Hungarian news portal Index, but instead links to an ad misusing the name of Hungarian model Barbara Palvin. It leads to a web page copying the design of an online media site falsely citing a well-known person crypto trader fake claims to have gained huge profits with the help of an advanced algorithm. From here, victims are redirected to a registration page, which typically but not always includes bitcoin in its name bitcoin is an online exchange and payment tool that is not regulated by international institutions.

Here the names, email addresses and phone numbers of the victims are collected. A fordításból itt-ott nyilvánvaló, hogy a szöveg fordítóprogrammal készült After the registration, an email arrives from a possibly fake investment platform, and soon someone is sure to call.

But after registration, user data bitcoin méret crypto trader fake to the free market and is used by more investment platforms. The latter shows that sites that collect victim data sell the personal data collected at registration to multiple platforms.

Clearly, the system is extremely sophisticated and already involves so many tasks that different groups specialize in each phase.

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This is also supported by evidence found by other journalists involved in the investigation. But the same was confirmed to Direkt36 by Viktor Halász, an officer of the cybercrime department of the National Bureau of Investigation. According to him, separate groups specialize in collecting data of victims because it is often easier for call centers to pay for the data than to find clients themselves. After registration, we were called several times from different English, Hungarian and Swiss numbers and offered the services of different investment platforms.

The sophistication of the method is also indicated by the number of people in the fake ads. Among the Hungarian-language advertisements, we found one that advertises the miraculous investment opportunity with Gergely Karácsony and Barbara Palvin, and, in the summer, versions using the names of OTP Bank chairman Sándor Csányi and billionaire Lőrinc Mészáros also began to spread.

This one was in English, thus possibly targeting non-Hungarian supporters of Orbán. Sándor Csányi has filed a complaint the Budapest Police Headquarters is investigating crypto trader fake the suspicion of fraud causing significant damageand Gergely Karácsony intends to report to the police as well.

He is going through the hardest months of his life, having lost all his savings. Heavily indebted, he even had to sell his house. Zoltán saw the ad on Facebook, through which he reached a platform called Bitcoin Revolution.

Zoltán told Direkt36 that he felt that the ad was credible because it was on Facebook and referred to Karácsony. He quickly registered. Crypto trader fake phone rang almost immediately.

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Between March 23 and April 8, Zoltán paid a total of HUF 12 million, which meant all his savings and an additional HUF 8 million, which he had borrowed from his cousin. The so-called investment advisers always asked him for more and more millions, giving different reasons.

The last message from his so-called financial adviser was downright rude. He has not answered any messages or calls since then. I have to take care of my son.

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He took a deep breath and told his wife what had happened, who said that he had done a foolish thing but supported him. They tried to do something together. But the police suspended the investigation weeks after his filing a complaint because they could not identify the perpetrator.

According to Halász, these scams have multiplied sincewhen the bitcoin price hit hard and many who started trading in the beginning became wealthy. This year, the epidemic helps fraudsters even more because people spend more time online. NNI united the cases in Hungary and started a joint investigation, which shows the seriousness of the problem.

Normally, investigation of fraud cases with relatively minor losses belongs to local police stations, crypto trader fake NNI intervenes only in exceptional cases. According to Halász, the victims are typically less familiar with the online world, born before the spread of the internet, have little savings, and are often not scammed for the first time.

According to the investigation so far, the fraudsters are mainly foreigners, mostly from outside the EU. Four years ago, the source used to work in a call center trying to lure victims from around the world.

But what about the Canadians, the Germans? One morning crypto trader fake registered on a site called Bitcoin Era, which we reached through tippek kereskedési bitcoin ad featuring Gergely Karácsony and imitating the look of Blikk.

At the end of the registration, we came to a page called Unitestocks. Less than 2 hours later, atwe were first called from a British number, but we did not answer that call. We then asked for a callback in the afternoon, which a man introducing himself as Kevin Brown willingly did at These are 4 calls in just 3 hours.

The man did not fall out of his role even when we told him in another conversation that we know of several cases where people have been tricked in a similar way.

I will keep calling you.


According mennyi költség bitcoin our source from Israel, the fake ads and the fake news site are excellently designed psychologically. He found that some clients could hardly wait to pay the first installment when he first called them, while others needed a crypto trader fake of minutes of persuasion to believe they were in contact with a legitimate broker.

Besides, scammers do not easily let go of those who hesitate. Kevin Brown talked to us for ten minutes on the first occasion, then called the next day again to push even further. Kocsis identified a total of pages that promoted an automated, artificial intelligence-supported trading system, promising fabulous profits, which were using the same unique programming interface. The specialist looked into the network several times in October: new pages were added every day, meaning someone kept creating them.

Most URLs still work today. The police are also struggling with this problem. In addition, the Italian financial bitcoin miami has launched an investigation and found evidence that the data of customers registering on a platform called Bitcoin Revolution has been fed to blacklisted cryptocurrency call centers. However, it is very difficult to prove a close relationship.

The exposition of fraud is also made more difficult by the fact that there are also companies that engage in similar activities under legal and truly crypto trader fake circumstances. In addition, fraudsters are constantly improving the system, and respond to investigations and reports pertaining to their crypto trader fake. Hungarian-language ads and celebrity news are just a very tiny proportion of the tens of thousands of similar scam sites populating the Internet.

These include world-renowned actors, athletes, and public figures e. The British Cyber Security Institute has removedof crypto trader fake fake news sites from the internet in four crypto trader fake.

These mostly include ads that offer cosmetics or miracle cures to solve health problems, but about 15, of them advertise crypto trader fake investments. They are similar in appearance, structure, and content OCCRP writes in detail about these ads and the company behind them in its recent article. The system built for the investment scams follows the scheme of affiliate programs well known in the marketing industry.

The more people click through, the more commission is earned. As an Israeli source told Direkt36, the company he worked for farm bitcoin játék the leads contact data of potential customers from at least ten different sources.

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Among their partners were marketing companies that advertised a multitude of things and were not necessarily aware of what kind of company the collected crypto trader fake data would end up with. After a customer made their initial deposit, a commission went back to the company providing the lead. In each case, that amount was hundreds of dollars more than the amount of the first deposit, and this was the case elsewhere, too. Still, it is worth for the call centers, the Israeli source explained, whose job was to persuade customers to make their first deposit.

At their company, the purchase of customer leads was arranged by company executives, the Israeli source said.

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They made agreements with their partners via encrypted online channels. The meetings took place in closed Signal and Telegram chat rooms, as the bosses were very careful.

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These people are not stupid, but highly prepared people who do fear the law and retaliation. Imagine how many people can be angry with the owners? They have ruined lives. There may be hundreds or thousands crypto trader fake similar call centers worldwide.

The man using the pseudonym Kevin Crypto trader fake claimed that his investment firm, Unitestocks is a subsidiary of Safecap Investment Ltd. Crypto trader fake prove this, he emailed us two registration numbers: one issued by the Cyprian, the other by the South African Financial Authority, and they do in fact belong to a Cypriot company called Safecap Ltd.

However, when asked by Direkt36, Safecap which legally provides investment services to its clients, and its owner, Playtech Plc, listed on the London Stock Exchangestated they had nothing to do with Unitestocks and they do not use fake celebrity ads to advertise their products.

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According to its website, Unitestocks is operated by an offshore company called Demure Consulting Ltd. Dozens of them operate cryptocurrency investment websites, and at crypto trader fake four of these have already been blacklisted by various financial authorities around the world.

Google and Facebook do fight the crypto trader fake, but also make money on them The spread of cryptocurrency scam is supported by the highly effective advertising systems developed by Google or Facebook in recent years.

Reporters taking part of the investigation found crypto trader fake examples of this. On interfaces owned by Google, such ads appear in connection with certain search terms or demographics age, gender, location.

When asked by reporters involved in the investigation, the company stated that it has banned 50 million of such sensationalist ads in Facebook made a similar statement.

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The system is indeed far from perfect. One of the bombastic Facebook ads featured in the article first appeared in mid-November, when Hungarian news media reported it was fake. Two weeks later, crypto trader fake also came across the same ad via another Facebook page. There were a lot of comments added to the ad, most of them warning that the whole thing was a fraud, and there was even a user who, according to an uploaded image, already reported it to Facebook almost a day earlier as a scam.

Nevertheless, the ad was still active, so are the two pages displaying the fake ads to this day. The Hungarian police have prepared a guide on how to avoid becoming a victim of internet fraud. And for those who have already been cheated, their advice is to turn to the police.

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